Cat Adoption Process

cats at windowOnly Hope strives to provide cats and kittens with lifetime homes. We accept lifetime responsibility for the cats that we take in, and we build lifelong relationships with our adopters. Like any other rescue group, we have an adoption process to ensure that each adoption is a perfect fit. Like many agencies such as the ASPCA, NYC ACC, Humane Society and many others, we require identification, references, and ask that our adopters sign an adoption agreement. Because we also deliver the cats to your home, and work through introduction processes, adaptation to the home, introduction to your current pets, and any other potential issues, we will adopt only in the New York City metro area. Our adoption process is briefly outlined below and you can always e-mail or call with any additional questions or concerns.

1. Application
The first step is to fill out an application. You may download an application, pick one up at our adoption location, or we could have a copy emailed or faxed to you. To ensure we receive your application properly, please fax it or mail it to us (it cannot be emailed) or bring it with you when you come visit us at adoption day.
2. Home Visit
Once we have processed the application and followed up with any questions we may have for you, we would make a visit to your home to assist you with any safety issues (for the cat AND your home!) and to meet your existing cat(s) if applicable.
3. Delivery!
When you have decided on your perfect companion(s), Only Hope will deliver the cat(s) to you. We help with set up, introduction to existing pets, and any initial questions. At that point, Only Hope will also provide you with the medical records and some helpful articles and literature. Only Hope will be sure to follow up, especially within the first week, to make sure everything is going smoothly.

From the moment we walk out of your door, you are encouraged to call, e-mail and visit us for updates, advice, problem-solving, or just to share your happy stories! We GLADLY welcome updates from our adopters, and we even send an annual holiday card!